The Four Bs of Midtown: Part I

Featuring: inefficient flowcharts

B is for beer, burgers, brunch and of course, bibles (we can’t forget Church Row). Midtown is coming along in terms of beverage-serving location options, and beer runs in plentiful streams.

McNellie’s stands strong as the go-to for options, with 350 some beers to choose from and the beloved Monday pint night. With another J. Elliott Nelson concept, Fassler Hall, coming to the neighborhood, we’ll have a new host of Bavarian brews at the ready. And sausage, but that’s another flowchart for the future. While McNellie’s offers a lot for a craft connoisseur or simply a thirsty (sometimes thrifty) palate, there are other spots to visit to sate your hankering for hops.

And now for the first in our series of inefficient flowcharts representing the four Bs of Midtown:

4Bs-Beer-3_re copy

We have a difficult time narrowing down our preferred beers, but we have some that suit us at the moment.

Midtowner beers of the moment:

Dani- Velvet Rooster, Tallgrass Brewing Company

Josh- Moose Drool, Big Sky Brewing Company

Matt- Every bitter beer ever


What’s on your beer agenda? Where’s your Midtown beer haven?

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  1. Vilona Michael
    November 14, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Love the flowchart!

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