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Mayoral Midtown: Dr. Ed Shadid Moves In

Midtown is drawing in a lot of interesting characters and residents these days. Photographers. Stylists. Artists. Chefs. Self-made business folks. Humanitarians. Creatives of all varieties. And now, mayoral hopefuls.

City councilman Dr. Ed Shadid has made Midtown his new campaign headquarters home. He’s right in the middle of the flourishing H&8th stretch of our district, and he’s equipped with a ping pong table (seriously, he has some killer ping pong skills).

A Call to Arms: The Midtown Plan

On Saturday, the OKC Midtowner group sprawled out across the lands of the Midtown district to collect the discarded cigarette butts, water bottles and whatever else mangled miscellaneous trash that frequents the area. After a well-intentioned hour and half, and five trash bags later, we reconvened at Peloton to do some afternoon examining of the Midtown Plan. While most might…