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The Future in Pixels by The Edge at Midtown – Youtube BlogSeries #2

Everyone is talking about The Edge at Midtown. What retail will move in? Will the development be good or bad for the area? Do you think it fits in with the rest Midtown? These are valid, pragmatic questions deserving sincere and informed responses. You will get none of that in this post. Instead, let us take another look at this video through the eyes of a techno-mystic who by use of grainy pixel video gives insights into life in the years to come.

DRY/SHOP: Look Like You Mean It

Amid the hum of blow dryers, clatter of hairstyling tools and faint cooing of Stephen Malkmus singing Pavement’s “Shady Lane”, Emily Frosaker walks with calm and collective authority through the sunlight-drenched shop situated at 1212 N. Walker, or suite 101 of the sleek “1212” building.

Dry/Shop is open, and Midtown just got a bit hipper.

OKC Streetcar: A car that…drives on streets

Let me first begin by saying I grew up playing SimCity 2000.

I was able to achieve first hand experience as an urban planner of a city that was usually riddled with abandoned buildings,traffic problems, and the occasional tornado. Sound familiar?

But the thing I failed at most was public transportation and getting my Sims to actually use it.

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Midtown Pedestrian Woes and Wins

Midtown, where the sidewalks are paved with…are they paved? Certainly there are plenty of solid surfaces for traveling by foot, but consistency and quality aren’t always there. Frequently, walking spaces designated for pedestrians are comprised of uneven patchwork cement or whatever Oklahoma weather-stricken particles remain from disregarded years of erosion (I’ve somewhat gracefully kept myself from face-plants.). At other times, sidewalks…

Urban Exploration in Southwest Midtown

Urban Exploration. There are undiscovered places in Midtown. Curious nooks and hidden passageways and secrets in the shadows. We drive by them every day on our way to work. Like trying to find a chameleon hiding in the forest we look out through our car window and don’t see them. There is no map to find them.

Maps of Midtown – Because Everyone Likes Maps, Right?

Since everyone likes maps, I decided to check out Stamen, Cloudmade, OpenStreetmap, and ArcGIS.com to find some free embeddable, interactive maps to show off Midtown. Some of these are just eye candy while others actually give interesting information. I was too lazy to make custom maps this afternoon since those can take a while. These are just teasers. In the future I’d like to collect…