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Midtown Sessions: Levi Parham – I’m Behind Ya

Next up on the OKC Midtowner Midtown Music Sessions is Levi Parham. From southeast Oklahoma, Levi shared a song with us in one of the stairwells at City Pres. Come see him and others at the Midtown Songwriters Series June 12th at City Pres. The Midtown Songwriter Series is a quarterly concert series showcasing songwriters in an historic church in Midtown…


Prototek OKC: Makers in Midtown

If you walk inside the sad looking garage at the corner of 10th and Hudson this evening during H&8th, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find inside. Prototek OKC is a Makerspace/Hackerspace. It’s a place for makers (and soon-to-be makers) to connect outside of their garages, to learn from real life humans, and use various tools to create anything they…


Just Below the Surface: The Midtown Underground

Chad Mount has been to the cavernous depths of the ocean. He once met couchsurfers from Switzerland, for whom he painted in a travel journal. He’s been to Finland. Somewhere in between those two events, that particular travel journal painting ended up in the Atlantic, and was most likely destroyed due to an unfortunate shipwreck (flames were involved).

Top 5 Wants for Midtown in 2014

2013 was a big year for Midtown, OKC. The district gained new businesses such as Dry/Shop and Packard’s, new apartments with the addition of The Guardian and construction on the new Edge apartment complex and renovations began on the old Central High School for Oklahoma City University’s law school. We saw policies passed and money raised for making Midtown a…