Pallets, Pantone and Prototek: PARK(ing) Day Progress

IMG_8012PARK(ing) Day is coming to Oklahoma City for a second year, and the weather is especially parklet-y.

With the help of our architecturally inclined friends, Jason Beebe and Jessica Condor, we spent the weekend with an absurd amount of cinder blocks, pallets, paint and cheap beer at Prototek, Midtown’s makerspace. Matthew Wilkes, Prototek’s co-founder, and his crew of programmers, 3D printing aficionados and all-around innovative group let us hole up in the front east corner of the warehouse.

This year, we have a bit more time and were somehow lucky enough to be helped out by some great local businesses. After securing a workspace with Prototek, Wilkes put us in touch with Western Plastics about some potential materials. Turns out, that hidden shop is a goldmine of polygal, vinyl and a myriad of other plastic products with parklet potential (the insufferable alliteration just had to happen), and surprisingly, even lumber.

With some rescued discards from Western Plastics, Craigslist 2x4s, paint from last year’s haul, a few pallets from our landlord and some beer-fueled creativity, we’re getting closer to OKC Midtowner Parklet Part II: Someone is Trusting Us With Legitimate Power Tools. Take comfort in the fact that Prototek has an acceptable amount of faith in us operating large, industrial table saws.

On Sept. 19 (official PARKing Day) and 20, you’ll be able to stop by our parklet out front of Elemental Coffee, who is letting us camp out right outside their doors for a second year in row.
























































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