Midtown Sessions: Levi Parham – I’m Behind Ya

Next up on the OKC Midtowner Midtown Music Sessions is Levi Parham. From southeast Oklahoma, Levi shared a song with us in one of the stairwells at City Pres. Come see him and others at the Midtown Songwriters Series June 12th at City Pres. The Midtown Songwriter Series is a quarterly concert series showcasing songwriters in an historic church in Midtown…


Industry Flea Ups the Ante on Weekend Vibes

You’ve undoubtedly heard, if not become a frequenter, of H&8th. We know, it’s hard to resist an evening where you can consume meatballs, tacos, ramen, and an assortment of other items (and beer, naturally) simply by meandering down the street. The massive night market expanded its stretch over Midtown for its first night of the season last month, and added…


The Plant Stand Comes to Midtown

The corner of 10th and Hudson has become a tented mecca of greenery for all forms of foliage and flower hoarders in Midtown, thanks to a husband-wife duo. The Plant Stand, a locally owned retail garden center, made its debut in the neighborhood last weekend, and will be a regular fixture on the busy corner until June.