Midtown Open House Block Party Round III: Hostess Duty

The party is back, and it has expanded. With 14 businesses on tonight’s lineup, plus H&8th just a skip away, two ladies have some major hosting to tend to.

Della Patterson of STASH and Emily Frosaker of Dry/Shop are coming back strong for round three of the newcomer to Friday district-frolicking events. The Open House Block Party, held on March 28, was originally intended to be a one-time thing, as a welcoming gesture to the neighborhood and introduction to new and existing businesses. Shortly after kickoff that evening, the likes of STASH, Dry/Shop, Waffle Champion, McNellie’s, Midtown Optical and others were flooded with folks making pit-stops before H&8th dalliances, perusing goods with drinks in hand and trying their luck at winning swag.

With support from Midtown Renaissance’s Mickey Clagg, the ladies set their sights on making the event a monthly affair, adding more businesses, more giveaways and a wider variety of activities (because who doesn’t like a photo booth, particularly The SNL Booth? Or perhaps some underground art?).

“It has grown to the east part of Midtown, with The Garage joining in this month. I hope with all the growth happening in the surrounding area, that each month will get larger. It gives people an opportunity to check out what is new in Midtown, as well as enjoy venues that stay open late for this one night,” said Patterson.

Each business offers some sort of special from 6-9 p.m., whether it be special menu items and extended happy hours at eateries, merchandise sales and retail shops like STASH and Dry/Shop, prize drawings, art for purchase and more.

“We’re so excited to have art become a facet of the event, too, with photographer Todd Ballje shooting with his popular SNL Booth, Debbie Curtis featuring her work at Dry/Shop, and the art collaboration going on at Just Below the Surface,” said Frosaker. “We have some other things up our sleeves too, but you’ll just have to stay tuned.”

As for their evening block party and H&8th game plan? Can’t do it all when you’re hosting, but if these ladies could, they’d conquer. But first, they’d need a cocktail concoction from Ludivine.


Della’s Game Plan

Where to drink: Ludivine

Where to eat: The Loaded Bowl food truck

What to do, what to see: SNL Photo Booth and art show at Just Below the Surface

“The exciting thing about the night is everyone coming together all while being able to eat, shop, drink and hang in a five block radius full of goodness.”


Emily’s Game Plan

Where to drink: Ludivine (“to sip on Oprah’s favorite drink, the Moscow Mule”)

Where to eat: Taste of Soul (for an eggroll, of course)

What to do, what to see: SNL Booth, Debbie Curtis’ art and the great band lineup at H&8th

“This area is amazing, and we want to show everyone how much there is to do. I’m so excited to see the reaction from other businesses in the area and people who are new to the event and neighborhood.”

Click here for the Open House Block Party lineup.

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