Midtown Market – An Oasis in the Midtown Grocery Desert

If you live in Midtown chances are you have a fridge stacked tall with To Go boxes from eating out all the time. Lack of grocery store options has been a chief complaint here. This is your opportunity to change that. Come meet neighbors, enjoy live music, and shop for locally grown organic food at the Midtown Market.

Look for the big white tent every Friday from May until October on the corner of 9th and Walker. In an empty lot next to Saturn Grill and across the street from St. Anthony’s Hospital you can bring your grocery money (cash or credit) and stock up. The market stays open from 1pm to 6pm. The empty lot is owned by Midtown Renaissance. Mickey Clagg and Bob Howard and Co. are winning big points with the locals for listening to it’s residents and helping bring in grocery options to the area.

May10 037

Today at the market Art Moves sponsored acoustic folk duo Ry Daylee & Evangeline to serenade shoppers. The music brought smiles to everyone’s faces as people mingled and chatted about their purchases. It was gratifying to do shopping outside with the wind blowing, birds chirping, and grass beneath your feet. I feel resentment when I think about the experience of local grocery stores in comparison. Fluorescent lights, parking lots, metal shopping carts, and checkout lines. Forget it. It’s the same mediocre-at-best experience every time. Besides, I’d rather be a smart shopper by using my Keep It Local card instead of my Homeland Rewards Card.

Urban Agrarian came in full force. The first impression of their truck reminds me of something that a super hero might drive, like the Batmobile for local produce. It’s called the VeggieVan.

May10 027

The owner of Urban Agrarian, Matt Burch, sometimes referred to by his superhero alias the Agrarian Avenger, explained to me that they’ve been coming to 9th and Walker for four years now. The Midtown Market first started on the St. Anthony’s Hospital property across the street in an unused open space, later moved to a parking lot until their newly relocated destination this year across the street on Midtown Renaissance property. Urban Agrarian makes it way to many different Oklahoma City farmer’s market destinations from their home base in the Farmer’s Market District. They’re hoping to have a Wednesday night market in the Myriad Gardens soon.

Check out these carrots I picked up from them. Sorry everyone, I bought those two huge ones already. They’re so good looking that I believe slicing them would be an injustice. I may just slow cook them whole and eat them with a fork and knife like a bloody steak cooked rare.

May10 055

We’re not a bunch of Roger Rabbit’s in Midtown. It’s not all veggies despite what you may think after seeing those big juicy carrots. We celebrate an omnivorous blend of vegetable fiber and animal flesh. I personally appreciate the free range eggs. Urban Organics brings the right stuff. For you meatheads at the Midtown YMCA every day, check out this protein line up:

May10 039

Prairie Thunder Baking Company getting their bread selection out to market as well. This is the best bakery in Midtown:

May10 043

Prices on bread:

May10 046

Jams and Jellies, Mustards and Sauces galore:

May10 049


May10 038


May10 047

Lots of veggie options. I did the iPhone panorama walk and still wasn’t close to showing them all:

May10 054

I stuffed my face at MotoChef, the Farm to Food Truck, food truck. It was orgasmic. This was the best BLT I’ve ever had. It was a nice touch that they provide balsamic and olive oil instead of your standard issue ketchup and mustard packets, like you might expect at a food truck.

May10 060

The coolest thing about going to the Midtown Market today was that I got to meet new people. I discovered one of my favorite photographers who owns The SNL Booth is actually my neighbor. The Agrarian Avenger schooled me on Midtown Market history while chilling inside the VeggieVan. Met Travis Marak the photojournalist who specializes in a truly unique niche.


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