A Nod to a Classic: Ludivine’s “The Midtowner”

Makers of marrow. Makers of Blue Plate Special magic. Legume and polenta pushers. Craft cocktail architects.

Maker of all appetizing and aesthetically pleasing things, from farm to fork. There’s plenty they are known for, but Ludivine has won us over with their latest fall cocktail: The Midtowner (yeah, we’re fans of the name, too).

The Midtowner – A Ludivine Cocktail from OKC Midtowner on Vimeo

This beaut features five ingredients and is a take on the classic Manhattan cocktail. The mastermind behind The Midtowner is Ludivine’s Chris Barrett.

“I’m always looking for ways to play with classic cocktails, switch them up and create something new. I played around with the idea of a white Manhattan for a while, but hadn’t come across the right ingredient at the right time. There’s a certain serendipity of finding the perfect product depending on the season,” says Barrett.

Enter in Masterson’s Winter Wheat, which gives the drink a sweeter, toned down heat. Why? Aging in white oak casks for 12 years plays a pretty significant part in the smooth taste. We came in for a cocktail investigation at the right time, too. Only last week had Barrett, fellow bartender Josh Cockle and manager Eric Corff made the official switch from Low Gap White Rye to Masterson’s.

Low Gap holds its own, but when you ask Corff about the switch, he agrees with Barrett: it was a no-brainer. And just to be sure, Cockle let us sample the unaged Low Gap.

The name. So, we’re drawn to the new fall feature’s name for obvious reasons. Barrett had a bit more finesse and clever logic when playing the name game for his creation.

“We were kicking around a name that would play on ‘Manhattan.’ The Midtowner stuck. There’s a Midtown in Manhattan, and we’re located in Midtown OKC. It works locally and nationally,” says Barrett.

His ode to an impeccable classic and nod to our neighborhood do just the trick.

Bartender Josh Cockle shows us how to master the winter wheat creation in the video above.

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