Gonna Take Pollution Down to Zero: Midtown Trash Pickup Part II

Earth! Fire! Wind! Water! Heart?


Okay, so there’s no denying that the “heart” tacked on at the end of the elements list in the Captain Planet theme song was always a bit jarring. Kids emphatically yelling out the elements in the 90s in front of their Zenith TV sets as they anticipate the do-good justice of a green-haired, blue spandex superhero is normal, and maybe a bit endearing. But we all found ourselves sputtering out that last “HEART” with a little less vigor and force as the element “FIRE”, right?

Midtown’s own group of makeshift Planeteers has a soft spot for the oddball Planeteer, Ma-Ti, even if he did get stuck with the less glitzy heart element. Although we don’t always err on the side of subtlety, there’s a lot of heart in this ragtag group. Last week’s Midtown trash pickup is proof.

With the help of 13 volunteers, bags and gloves donated by OKC Beautiful and pre-pickup fuel at Elemental Coffee, we managed to fill a truck bed to the brim with litter from the Midtown landscape.

10:30 a.m.- We filed into Elemental Coffee, which acted as trash pickup headquarters for the day. As tempted as we were to take a cold brew growler for the road, we opted for the more appropriate sized proportions and talked strategy.

10:40 a.m.- In pairs, we first tackled the H&8th area for any remnants of the night’s frivolity and then split up to span west to Classen and the areas in between, south to 6th, swung through SoSA and so forth.

Noon- The most convenient part about picking up trash on a Saturday morning (aside from it serving as a good reminder to avoid too many trips to the Coop truck the night before)? Noon-nado time. A few of us were trekking back toward Elemental down 8th Street right as the sirens started their Saturday routine, serving as a perfect roundup call for Planeteers to reconvene.

12:05 p.m.- Pizza, naturally. The generous folks at The Wedge provided a classy spread of pies to celebrate a morning of collecting the discarded McCormick’s vodka bottles, cigarette butts, socks (all of your mismatched pairs end up outdoors), plastic containers and other garbage.

12:30 p.m.- Pints, of course. A victory beer is kind of necessary after dominating some trash in the mid 90-degree heat. We were classy enough to wait until after noon, and we were classy enough to pair some community service with craft beer. Thanks, McNellie’s (for accepting our disheveled selves).

Although the majority of the group was comprised of Midtowners, we were pleasantly surprised to see some new faces and to have two volunteers join us from NW OKC, just for the sake of lending a hand and meeting people from our district.

With our powers combined, this will become a monthly affair. We need your trash picking skills, your wherewithal to get up on a Saturday morning and your love of OKC…and we will bribe you with beer.

The next Midtown Trash Pickup will be Saturday, August 24th at 10:00 a.m.

Stay tuned to the social media for more information until then.

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