Go To Church: Midtown Music 2 Will Have You in a Pew on a Saturday

Tomorrow, we imagine there will be a mass exodus from the usual beer-serving dwellings to a different Saturday night locale: church. This particular church will have beer, though. Three yet-to-be released COOP Ale Works varieties, to be precise, and a lineup you probably wouldn’t see on Sunday.

Shoe gaze, psychedelic and lo-fi lovers rejoice- Midtown Music is back for round two. And it’s even bringing a little ambient sound.

Midtown_Music_2_112214City Presbyterian (affectionately referred to as “City Pres”) will play host to Midtown Music 2 tomorrow, promising a much different atmosphere than the first edition which was held back in June on Packard’s rooftop. Think SXSW showcases at the cavernous Central Presbyterian with its prodigious acoustics, just without enduring the inevitable SXSW fatigue.

Midtown Music, the brainchild of co-creators Jim Burns and Alex Elliott, kicks off its second installment at 5 p.m., with Kellen & Beau of the Spy’s “You’re Welcome” leading the charge.

Galactique, Bored Wax, Tallows, and Stardeath and White Dwarfs treat your ears the remainder of the night for a measly $5. We’re pretty confident you’ll be okay with your monetary decision. After speaking with co-creator Jim Burns, our decision to disregard any other plans for the evening was just further solidified.

Burns, who has been active in the OKC/Norman music scene for several years, currently plays in Brothels and Midtown Music 2 opening act Galactique, while keeping up with his solo project called Classic Nolan Ryan.

“After the first event, Alex and I really had no plan for what the next Midtown Music would be. Around September, Alex, our friend Kellen McGugan and I started to toss around a few ideas for location but nothing really stuck out. I was introduced to the City Pres space via a friend (Tyler Hopkins) and was absolutely blown away by it,” says Burns.

“As soon as I saw the place I knew it would be perfect. I think the use of an unconventional space and the lineup really stand out. It makes the night an event, showcasing the space and the bands.”

Burns and Elliott extended themselves beyond putting together an evening’s lineup of local bands, though. The space. The food. Yeah, food. J. Mays of Cafe 7 will be offering special creations to compliment whatever beer route you choose. The two gents have taken on a curatorial endeavor that we only hope continues to grow and morph into different showcase styles.

“For me it’s important that every event be unique- with the space and the lineup we offer. We aren’t looking to avoid repetition (Bored Wax is back!), we just really want to focus on the feel of the event. Our main idea being to focus on bringing bands together that emphasize the space we choose,” says Burns.

As for a monthly Midtown Music (you know, for the sake of alliteration), it is probably unlikely.

“Probably not a monthly event but more like a quarterly event. Currently we have no plans for the next one, but I know we’ll get the itch to start planning around January.”

Whether it’s a rooftop after a hellacious rainstorm in June or a reverb wonderland in a chapel, we’re anxious for Saturday and already greedily await what a Midtown Music 2, 3 or 4 could hold. So scrounge up your $5 and get your ass in a pew tomorrow. Or, stand politely. That’s fine, too.


  • Starts at 5 p.m. this Saturday, Nov. 22, at City Presbyterian
  • $5 entry + special food/drink available for purchase
  • An unveiling so-to-speak of three new COOP beers
  • You’re Welcome kicks off, followed Galactique, Bored Wax, Tallows, and Stardeath and White Dwarfs.
  • Oh, and it’s 18 and up. Sorry, kids.


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