Bill Billiingtonson Hates Pickles on Sandwiches – YouTube BlogSeries #1

Who is Bill Billiingtonson? What kind of sandwich Nazi hates pickles? What does this have to do with Midtown?

A suit and tie. Money flying in the air. That smug grin. Bill Billiingtonson is the greedy old tycoon of Midtown that our inner Monopoly player wants to be like. On-demand maniacal laughter is a coveted life-skill that we should all be able to channel at the right times. When you get the last free pint glass on Mondays at McNellie’s – laugh maniacally. When you buy hotels on Marvin Gardens – laugh maniacally. When you pass people sitting in traffic on your bicycle – laugh maniacally. On some level we can all relate to Bill  but where he crossed the line was with the pickles. Vinegar fermented cucumbers are here to stay, Bill. In Midtown we get three-knuckles deep dunking fried pickles into Ranch at just about every restaurant that serves a hamburger. They all serve hamburgers. Even Foodies. [quote]Hey Bill – what’s your dill?!![/quote]

We’re pleased that one of Midtown’s optometrists is pro-pickles. There are few causes more worthy to take a stand for. We’re standing with you, Dr. Greenhaw, with pickles in one hand and, well, more pickles in the other hand.

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