Barre3: Combating Midriffs in Midtown

One of the most surprising things to me in Midtown is how many people are active outside. Whether it’s jogging down an alley or biking up Robinson. But we’re not nearly close enough to where we should be as a district regarding fitness. At least I know I’m not…

That’s where Barre3 comes in offering a new way to stay fit.

Barre3: Combating Midriffs in Midtown from OKC Midtowner on Vimeo.

Owner Andrea Mason says the programs at the Midtown location blends the best of ballet, yoga and Pilates, shooting for balance, strength and flexibility. The workouts are directed at everyone. Whether you’re a hard working business woman, a mom, or a hard working business woman mom. And no, these workouts aren’t just for women either. I’d be surprised if I could even get through the first ten minutes of a regimen without keeling over holding my side.

Adding to their Edmond, Classen Curve and soon to be Tulsa locations, Mason explains the reason they chose Midtown was due to the vibrancy of the district. She wasn’t worried that there aren’t many people living nearby just yet, as they’ve seen a steady flow of customers. Yet new apartments and local businesses will only add to the culture of Midtown, so long as they keep the integrity of the buildings just as Barre3 has done.

But there is more to be done, Mason says, as she’d love to see more people walking about and biking. That’s why Barre3 moved their workouts and classes outside to Myriad Gardens and other businesses downtown.

However Barre3 doesn’t seem like just a fad, but rather a way of life. We can only hope to see more niche fitness programs pop up within the city.

Go give Barre3’s Midtown Facebook page some love or stop in at the next h&8th next Friday the 25th.

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