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The Future in Pixels by The Edge at Midtown – Youtube BlogSeries #2

Everyone is talking about The Edge at Midtown. What retail will move in? Will the development be good or bad for the area? Do you think it fits in with the rest Midtown? These are valid, pragmatic questions deserving sincere and informed responses. You will get none of that in this post. Instead, let us take another look at this video through the eyes of a techno-mystic who by use of grainy pixel video gives insights into life in the years to come.

The Strongest Drink in Midtown

We heard rumors about a new secret drink in Midtown. Making phone calls to our local connections, using favors and flattery, we finally got to the source. After trying it ourselves we realized this could be the next big step in establishing Oklahoma City as a player in the handcrafted cocktail movement. It’s made in Midtown’s backyard and soon you’ll…

Urban Exploration in Southwest Midtown

Urban Exploration. There are undiscovered places in Midtown. Curious nooks and hidden passageways and secrets in the shadows. We drive by them every day on our way to work. Like trying to find a chameleon hiding in the forest we look out through our car window and don’t see them. There is no map to find them.

Maps of Midtown – Because Everyone Likes Maps, Right?

Since everyone likes maps, I decided to check out Stamen, Cloudmade, OpenStreetmap, and to find some free embeddable, interactive maps to show off Midtown. Some of these are just eye candy while others actually give interesting information. I was too lazy to make custom maps this afternoon since those can take a while. These are just teasers. In the future I’d like to collect…

The Midtown Tornado Scare

Since we get state-wide tornado warnings on a weekly basis, you can never know when to be genuinely alarmed or when it’s time for a trip to OrangeLeaf. My plan to sit there all night blogging, tub of frozen yogurt and fruity pebbles in hand, watching pirated movies, and tweeting was foiled by the weather channel. The Froyo would melt…